Are you Ready?


Soon heaven will open its gates

For the true and obedient mates

That great day when sin has no rate.

The glory does not compare the fate.


                       Of anything in this wicked earth

 Oh, I long for the place of no dearth.

 I want to see this beauty don’t you

Where the wings of the angels true

Will waft your rested mind path.


 And show you the diamond wealth.

                   Reserved for the true and those of faith

From all the earthly north

Can the character you hath

Step through the magnificent.


Perfect, giant Pearl. of the North

                     Are you ready for the greatest math

Of all the ages of the universe




With beaming brightness observe

Angels lighting up Orion`s curve.


Shouts of victory and of triumph

Then Jesus will ride forth

The melody of the trumpet with

Stupendous glory takes your breath.