Follow Jesus


Did you follow Jesus up the mountain

       Did you listen to His prayer refrain

And ask Him why He was on this plain

I would like to hear His music strain

And see the place where He had lain

That was a sad day He was slain.


The blood drops on the mountain rock

Were especially for His precious flock

The grave had a good strong lock

The earthquake brought the shock

The happenings the angels took stock

He stepped out and the earth did rock.


Jesus grave was opened very wide

With that massive stone did hide

Many came from the grave that died

Some of these were giants that abide

Now with Jesus in the heavenly side

Someday we’ll meet them that cried.


              Angels from on high   

The glorious resurrected King

Mary saw His living being

Soldiers fell as dead men, right

The Light of heaven is bright

Soon will see Lord Jesus, what a sight.